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Learn from experienced

enduro and downhill coaches

Our pro-team is ready to help you unleash your enduro or downhill talent!

CHF 290-

Starting From

Verbier's premiere MTB Coaching Clinics

Our pro-team is ready to help you unleash and maximise your potential. Whether you are new to the sport still building your confidence or an intermediate wanting to learn to jump or master technical trails, or an advanced rider looking to refine your skill set and progress further, our enduro and downhill clinics coaches can help you.

3 hour     CHF 290

Full day   CHF 390

The offer applies to 1-5 people


We believe confidence and fun come with better technique.  Learn how to ride better, smoother & safer.

Level: Never ever, beginner. You are new to mountain biking, but confident biker on a road.

Terrain: easy green & blue trails

What? Learn the essential skills for confident and quick progress.

Bike: Enduro or Downhill

Your personal mountain bike coach.

Coaching clinics program is designed by our founder Andras. His background in racing and coaching enabled him to create this special coaching clinics program, designed to rapidly improve your skills and boost your on-trail performance with ease and fun.


You know how to manual or bunny hop on a mountain bike, but do you really know how to use those skills on the trail?

Level: Intermediate, You are a hobby mountain biker with experience riding on flowy single trails. 

Terrain: blue trails & red trails
What? We help you gain speed and find flow through optimal line choice and teach you how to stay off the brakes.
Bike: enduro  or downhill


We will coach you to achieve consistent speed on various terrain, adding the 'wow' factor to impress the cheering crowds.

Level: Advanced, MTB is your passion you want to refine your technical skills. 

Bike: Enduro or Downhill

Terrain: Full Bikepark +
technical single trails

What? Master advanced skills for tackling steep and rough terrain with speed or learn how to clear jumps and drops with style.
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