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Verbier Bike Park Downhill Tracks 2022

Verbier is now one of the best Swiss mountain biking destinations and offers 9 downhill tracks for different levels. From the green track for beginners that are just starting the sport to intermediate tracks with very varied landscapes from rocky to rooty and finally competition track reserved for true experts where you can match your time against the fastest riders that won Swiss National and IXS championship titles.

New bike park downhill tracks for 2022: 2km FlowTrail style green track through the La Chaux area!!! (Opening scheduled for July)

Download the Verbier Downhill track map:

Equipment you'll need for the day in a bike park

It is important to have your equipment in good condition and to equip yourself according to the type of path or track that you plan to ride. The experts in the local shops will be able to recommend to you what bike to rent and what equipment you'll need for the day. We recommend the following equipment: a full-face helmet, back protector, and knee pads.

Worry not, if it's your first time and you booked a Singletrail guide or a coach we can meet you at one of the shops and assist you to select the right equipment. You can find more info on what you need here.

At Singletrail we classify our classes into 3 levels.


You are new to the sport, you have never mountain biked before or if you did not many times. You are comfortable on your bike riding on the tarmac.

INTERMEDIATE MOUNTAINBIKER You are a hobby mountain biker and confident on varying terrain. You enjoy blue and red trails the most.


You have years of experience, and this sport is your passion. You might have even tried racing and you can follow a good pace on new trails too. You are definately not the slowest rider in the wolf pack.

We offer both guiding and coaching clinics to all levels. Explore our offers here. There are many really cool descent-first easily accessible enduro trails too - which will sweeten up the trail variety for sure.

We can't wait to take you for a ride!

Singletrail Team


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