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Verbier on an E-bike

All the joys of spending time in outdoors on the bike without an effort? Sign up on a Singletrail #ebike tour and conquer the mountains and valley's effortlessly.

There are handful of e-biking routes to explore when you are in Verbier, suitable for different fitness levels, interests and ages. Discover few of our favorite routes below:

Haute's of Verbier E-biking tour - family friendly

This itinerary is suitable for families and less fit bikers. After a cycling up to Ruinettes, a light stroll at the la Plaine, where you can enjoy the views of Verbier bowl. An optional stop at Croix de Coeur restaurant, to replenish the energy before descent to La Tzoumaz valley, accompanied by panoramic views of Rhone valley. If you feel energetic, you can either bike back up, or take a gondola back to top of Savoleyres, from where you will stroll back to Verbier.

Tour WOWs: Panoramic view of Combins glaciers, Rhone Valley and Verbier

Explore Bruson E-biking tour - for intermediate bikers

This route begins in the heart of the Bagnes valley - Le Chable. You will bike up trough Mayens of Bruson trough forests and valley pastures, all way up to the highest point of the tour - Bruson La Cot. At La Cot you have an option to enjoy a traditional Valasian plate and refresh after the ascent. From La Cot you will descent to Sembrancher trough Mont Brun forest and charming village of Chamomille and finally return to Le Chable trough Bagnes valley.

Tour WOWs: High Mountain Pastures, View of Verbier, Local Cuisine

Le Chemin des 700 ans E-biking tour - suitable for all ages

This tour is for ones that would like to explore the local villages and interested in local history and heritage. The tour starts from Le Chable, Charencon - and leads you up to the haute of Cotterg. After crossing villages of Montagnier, Champsec, Versegeres and Prayerrer, the route will lead you up to Bruson, trough charming village of Sappey before getting back to Le Chable.

Tour WOWs: Bagnes Museum, Champsec Fromagerie, Outdoor exhibition of village life

You can rent an e-bike and all the equipment at #MountainAir, we can guarantee you a 10% discount on rental prices when booking an e-bike tour with Singletrail guides!

See you soon!



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