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The Swiss gastronomic experience, Part 1

Beyond the extensive single trail network, bike park tracks and high altitude alpine environment Verbier and Bagnes valley, has plenty more to offer when your hands get tired of mountain biking. You truly embrace the Swiss experience when you tap into local gastronomy. Valais region is the Swiss champion of quality seals, holding nearly 25% of products labeled AOP (Appellation d’Orig- ine Protégée) and IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) in Switzerland.

With a handful of small, family owned high alpine farms the Bagnes valley the local people are keeping the magic and the tradition alive. The steep mountain sides, plenty of sunshine and rich soils, allowed Valasian people to pasture, grow herbs, and create alpine wine yards. The Bagnes valley is offering a good climate to nurture fruit trees like apricot, apple and pear.

Raclette cheese in Fromagerie du Verbier

Specialties such as raclette cheese, dried meat and rye bread are the signature ingridients in every Valasian kitchen. In Verbier two restaurants hold the title of “Saveurs du Valais„ label, which stands for preparing the dishes in traditional way, using local produce.

One of them is La Marmotte, with an exceptional view over the valley, located in the sunny bowl of Savoleyres, a crossing point to many single trails, perfect for big or smaller lunch breaks serving local cheese, dried meat, cured ham and bacon accompanied with Valais rye bread.

The Raclett house is located in Bruson, the access requires a bit of pedaling or a shuttle, the restaurant is always welcoming pop-in bikers and hikers for a slice of melted Raclette, or the all-you-can-eat dinner accompanied with local wine and savory specialties. Raclett house is a traditional spot that locals recommend, the restaurant is preparing the cheese dishes from own Raclette cheese, you can also buy variety of hand made cheese and dried meat on the spot - and dont get intimidated - the cows are literally next door.

Come to Verbier between 23rd and 24th of September and let us take you for a ride to visit the high altitude local lateries and fromageries, in the afternoon you can continue the cheese experience on the regions biggest Raclette festival - Bagnes capitale de la Raclette.

Looking for something more? Join us for a cheese making workshop with Fromagerie de Verbier. With a rich history, good story telling virtue, the owners will take you centuries back to the origin of the cheese making. Starting from milk, the master Fromagerier will take you trough all steps to prepare your very own Tomme au lait cru cheese.


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