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Chris's favourite trail in Verbier: La Chaux-Lourtier

There are many mountain biking trails to choose from in the Verbier four valleys area and picking a favourite is hard but the La Chaux-Lourtier trail has it all: technical, flowy, varied speeds, incredible views and most importantly minimal pedalling.

View of Grand Combin glacier in Verbier

You start off taking the gondola from either Le Châble or Verbier up to Ruinettes, from here there is a gentle pedal along the wide fireroad which gives you plenty of time to take in the spectacular panorama of Mont Fort, Chamonix and the Val de Bagnes. Once you reach La Chaux the trail heads up onto the shoulder of the Bec des Rosses for a 1-2km fairly flat technical pedalling section, a smooth pedal action is key here. Once you reach the western flank of the Bec it's all downhill from there, the first quarter of the trail leads you through a lush alpine meadow the singletrack is fast and flowy with optional jumps for those with plenty of speed.

View of Pastures in Verbier

Next the trail ducks into pine forest for some fast corners with berms to help the cornering, but you don't want to get too carried away with the speed here because the brakes are in for a workout soon! The singletrack breaks out into a more lightly spaced birch forest and becomes steeper and looser, this section is a real test of your brakes, tyres and most of all bike handling skills.

Bruson, Bagnes

A couple more tightly bermed corners and you are probably just about ready for a rest beside the river before the final blast through the long grass as the trail spits you out on the road above the village of Lourtier. From Lourtier you have the option of the road back to Le Châble or for those who still have strength in the arms cross over the valley for a few more turns between Lourtier and Versegères.

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