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Verbier bike park opening weekend

Verbier bike park is one of the high altitude bike parks of Europe. The ride starts at Fontanet - 2'475m and ends in Verbier at 1'535m, you can continiue your ride on enduro single trails that take you down to the Bagnes Valley at 850m.

Verbier in the clouds - mountain bike tour

Riding the Verbier bike park you can choose between 7 downhill tracks, from flowy beginner trails to intermediate, advanced and expert trails with countless north shore lines, jumps or technical section with natural obstacles accopanied with beautiful view of 4000m+ glaciers.

Verbier has Switzerland's largest single trail network in one resort. 23 mtb itineraries of 213 km pure single track mountain biking heaven - starting from top of the lifts - the whole mountain is your playground.

In high season from 20th of June to 19th of September, you can easily hop on a regular MTB shuttle from Le Châble up to Bruson-Moay, and explore the pristine alpine environment of the other side of the valley.

If you are looking for an adventure, we suggest you to book one of the Singletrail mountain bike guides, they know Verbier and the Bagnes valley in-and-out, and will advice trails that suit your riding level and style.

Exploring the single trails in Verbier

But back to the opening weekend of Verbier bike park. We were delighted to see that the Verbier bike park shaper team did a big effort to improve the bike park trails. The berms were nicely shaped - some moved in order to improove the flow of the mountain bike trails. Some of the lines got extra "chicken paths" to assure the safety. There are new features - mainly jumps. There were few snow patches here and there - however the team did an amazing job for the opening!

We had a wonderful weekend with our clients from Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Toni & Zoli who came with two different bikes - a downhill and a big enduro. The geometries of the bikes are quite different, however we were able to show them trails to satisfly both riding styles. The first day Toni and Zoli decided to work a bit on their technique and booked in a coaching clinics mountain biking lesson. They were satisfied with the tips and pointers, as their flow improved on the trails. On the second day we took them exploring the single trail network from the top of the Verbier bike park all way down to Bagnes valley. Surrounded by panoramic views they said is one of the top places they have ridden and will return later in the season.

Overall it was a great start of the season - we are looking forward many exciting days like that! The next weekend will be super exciting as we are launcing the Junior Rider Club - a weekend mountain bike club designed for kids! Keep updated!

See you soon,



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