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Junior Rider Club Kick-off Weekend

Last weekend we hosted the kick-off event of MTB Junior Rider Club! We had a lot of fun on the mountain biking with the kids, and we got a lot of positive feedback.

At the event we had 3 groups:

A "girl only" group with 3 young ladies aged 5-6, that prooved that mountain biking is not only a boys sport. We learned to handle small trail obstacles, braking on fire roads, and finding balance with start and stop position. Besides the mountain biking we picked flowers, played a bit and had fun juice break!

A beginner mountain biker group, boys aged between 6-7 where they learned how to descent on the mountain bike on the fire roads, break and basic cornering skills. The boys did two laps - a big achivement for the first day!

An an advanced beginner group, boys aged 6-8 - the bravest group - they even tried the blue trail in the bike park, learned to balace the bike at speed, and managing steeps. And enjoyed the cheers of the other bikers!

Overall we had a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to host many bike lessons filled with joy and laughter.

One more final thanks to all that helped us to organise the event:

Mountain Air Verbier - for the venue and the rental of bikes & equipment

Téléverbier staff - for helping with the bikes on the gondola!

Sofie - for activities & help with the groups

Chris - for professional approach & organising the event

See you soon,


----------- Read more about the mountain biking kids club below

This is not a traditional kids' and youth sports club. The emphasis is on having fun, developing biking skills one step at a time to raise self-esteem, build confidence and establish a life long passion for biking.

What will our mountain bike coaches focus on:

We will teach kids about the mountain safety, know your mountain bike, the 'ride-ready position', we will ride on the pump track, learn braking, selecting a correct gear and managing small trail obstacles. In addition to individual development we focus on team bonding and social skills. We are keeping our groups small, preferably 4 kids to 1 mountain bike coach ratio - in order to maintain the flow and assure the safety of the group on the trails.

Girl mountain bike riders - Junior Rider Club

We are launching this program with four levels:

Beginner Mountain Biker

Mountain Safety, know your mountain bike

Correct posture on the bike

Learining how to use both brakes

Cornering, flat turns

Going over small obstacles

Intermediate Mountain Biker

Braking on differnet surface



Going through rougher terrain, small roots and rocks

Gear shifting

Advanced Mountain Biker

Turning in berms Going down on steeper terrain, narrower paths

Learning about different line choices


Pro Mountain Biker

All bikepark trails

Rough terrain

Jumps, bunny hops

Wheight shifting in turns

Powerslides PRICES Pop-in Weekend | CHF 95

June | CHF 190 July | CHF 450 July - Aug| CHF 765 July - Oct | CHF 1350 The offer applies from 2-4 children in a group. 1.30 PM - 4.30 PM, every Saturday or Sunday, from July until the end of October.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to email or call us at: / +41 77 441 35 39

See you soon,


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