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Mountain Biking in Verbier

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

If you are looking for a Mountain bike guide or coach in Verbier. Look no longer.

Singletrail guides and coaches know Verbier inside out and are trained to take you for a ride whether you are riding downhill, enduro or all-mountain mountain bike.

In this blog post we will briefly introduce you to our products.

Mountain Biking with Girls

Mountain bike guiding

This is our most popular product! Take a mountain bike guide for a day or even whole week to show you the best trails, panoramic views in Verbier!

Mountain bike guiding option is perfect for intermediate and advanced riders that would like to explore Verbier's single track network. Unlimited possibilities in Switzerland's biggest single trail paradise - 203 km of pure fun to explore.

We recommend to take a mountain bike guide for families or beginners that are looking for easy panormaic tours, with a possible stop at mountain restaurants. We can take you on a e-bike tours as well.

Downhill coaching with Andras

Mountain bike coaching

A special and unique product in Verbier. If you are looking for something more technical, a lesson that focuses on the development of your skills this is the right place. Recommended for beginners that would like to grow their confidence, furthermore for the intermediate and advanced riders to get a few seconds in, improove the lines and style. You can book a Singletrail coach

Junior Rider Club

This product is especially designed for kids. It is not a traditional kids’ and youth sports club. The emphasis is on having fun, developing biking skills one step at a time to raise self-esteem, build confidence and establish a life long passion for biking. We suggest to book this product for kids that are looking to develop their basics mountain biking skill set, have fun with other like-minded kids in the group and enjoy the outdoors.

Hope to see you soon,


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