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Downhill Biking in Verbier

Verbier is the new mecca for mountain bikers, especially when it comes to downhill. Verbier bike park has 7 downhill tracks that span from easy blue to jumpy or rooty reds, a race track and a technical black with big drops. The bike park's highest point is at Fontanelle, 2'400 meters, from where the downhill and skilled enduro riders can enjoy an 880m long descent down to Verbier lift station.

But let's take the Verbier Bike Park Experience one by one, and rate the trails:

Tsopu - blue downhill track

Incredibly flowy, and not boring for advanced riders either with a good variety of trail obstacles and elements from foresty bits, to berms and small jumps. Perfect playground to progress and get a taste of this sport.

Tû çuci - red downhill track - jumps & north shores

You will get all the air time you need on this trail. Dirt style filled-gap jumps, great for practicing downhill jumping tricks like whips, no handers, motorboats ... Looking to improve your jumping skills? Book a session with Andras, to learn to clear the jumps with style.

Wouaiy - red downhill track - technical forest

Personal favorite. Technical yet incredibly flowy with rollable drops and jumps. I love to take intermediate clients here, to show them they can ride steeper trails too maintaining a good flow and can tackle red trail obstacles with a right posture on the bike! The trail takes you all way down to Chez Dany restaurant where you can enjoy the best sunsets and have a variety of good local craft beers.

Rôdze - red downhill track - jumps & rocky bottom, amazing views

You will get plenty of air time on this trail with 65 jumps to clear. Not into jumping with your downhill bike? No problem, most of the jumps you can roll over or simply take the chicken line and enjoy the amazing view on the Combins glacier and the Dents-du-Midi. Arriving at the bottom you will enter a rather flat rock garden section - best advice - clear it full speed if you are confident or rely on your balance, hopping one rock at the time.

Bortabitche - red downhill track - slope style & long flowy north shores

This is one of the most memorable downhill tracks in Verbier. The trail starts with jumps & steep berms, and leads you to a 250m long flowy north shore that takes you over a rock garden, and ends with some optional jumps.

Woooohhh - black downhill track - natural technical elements & drops

This trail is the first to melt due to it's "lower" altitude. Our downhill coaches love to lap it in the spring months of April, May and June when majority of the bike park is still under a snow blanket. This trail is incredibly technical and steep with few big drops. You need to be a pro to take on this one for sure!

Tire’s fire - yellow downhill track - official downhill cup track

Andras's personal favorite. It's a proper downhill track. It has all the features of a good race track; technical sections, big air jumps, rock gardens, speed sections. It is very physical and requires a good downhill biking skills.

Are you excited to pack your downhill bike and come & ride in Verbier Bike Park?

Never ever? Book a Singletrail downhill coach, to help you develop basic technique and progress you quicker to enjoy a variety of trails with confidence.

Are you a good rider, who is looking to improve technique, jumps or go faster? We got you covered. Singletrail downhill coach Andras is a downhill pro. He raced downhill for years on national and international level. Book Andras to unleash your full downhill potential.

See you soon,



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