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Get your mountain bike trail ready like a PRO!

The spring is here, it's the first sunny weekend since the winter. Before taking your bike for the first spring ride on the local trails, make sure you give your bike some love to be prepared for an epic season opening ride and beyond.

We asked our bike guides - Andras and Chris, what are their service rituals to get the bikes running smoothly?

A clean bike is a happy bike!

Clean your bike regularly! The components of the bike will last longer - Says Chris.

How to do it? Use a good quality bike cleaner of your choice, a dry clean cloth and an old toothbrush. Spray your mountain bike with a bike cleaner and leave to stand for a few minutes, then rinse clean. Dry your bike throughout with a dry, clean cloth. Use the toothbrush to clean the greasy dirt off the drivetrain. Don't forget to remove the seat post, clean the tube in and out - before reattaching it, add a little grease.

Disassemble, lube, fasten

For those who want to be very precise - yes you can take your whole bike apart - but it's a long and sometimes nerve wrecking process, especially if you don't have all the tools and it's your first time.

A simple version - check the drivetrain, headsets, axles - places where mud can sneak in and get stuck to the grease. Make sure you fasten all the bolts on your bike - this helps to eliminate the creaks. And finally check your wheels, a wobbly rim can be adjusted with a spoke wrench, check your type pressure and finally make sure your tires have a healthy amount of knobs left - to drift the berms like pro.

LIKE NEW - with a reasonable investment

Small investments at the beginning of the season will make your old warrior bike that feel like new one. A pair of good tires and break pads makes a difference any time, but let's see what are the components that we don't think about changing that often. A pair of new grips every season is somethings our guides swear by. Change of chain and derailleur hose is advised every season - for this you will require special tools - if you don't feel you are equipped with enough servicing expertise and a lot of patience for failure and trial - leave it to your local bike shop.

+ 1 PRO TIP: An annual change of bearings for those who use their bikes often, regardless of the weather condition

Shine like Greg.

Do you want to have that Greg Minaar look? Well, you'll need a good haircut and fix your hairline right after you take off the helmet. But talking about the bike. Spray your bike with a silicone spray for the shiny like new look - make sure not to get any on your brake pads, rotors or grips.

+1 Make sure you have all the gear ready

Your bike is now officially ready. What about your spd shoes, helmet and other essential accessories? Make sure you check them too. If you are an enduro rider - you probably ride with a backpack full of essentials. Inspect your hydration pack clean it and replace the bits that got moldy. Check out your tools (pump, tyre-fix, mini-tool) that you take for a ride and make sure your first aid kit is complete.

Now that you have completed this list, you earned your turns. Go find the trails that bring you joy.


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