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Mountain Bike holidays in Switzerland

Planning your first Swiss MTB holidays? Look no longer. Verbier is the new mecca for mountain bikers with biggest single trail network in Switzerland! Discover the best Swiss single trails with local mountain bike guides.

Long high altitude descents, epic panoramic views and secret backcountry trails. Mountain biking in the Alps is an adventure to pursue this summer; a memory that you will cherish for a life time and come back for more, again & again.

Read below our 5 best reasons on why we think you should Switzerland:

1. Swiss Alps are Spectacular

Swiss Alps are one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit. Glaciers, mountain peaks, hidden alpine lakes that you will never want to leave. From the top of the Mont Fort glacier in Verbier you can enjoy a view of Matternhorn and Mont-Blanc from one point.

2. The Local Culture

Slate rock covered traditional alpine chalets, always friendly hosts and pride of identity. This corner of Switzerland was able to maintain it's charm and culture. Starting with a vocal traditions of playing Alpenhorn and yodeling and continuing with cow fights, celebrating chest nut season and folklore dances and dresses.

3. Local Gastronomy

Bagnes region is particulary famous for it's cheese making tradition. There are fromageries that produce cheese products the same way for centuries in every village surrounding Verbier. Verbier's fromagerie is particullary famous - they produce the best raclette cheese in the region.

Local tip: Visit the fromagerie vending machine and buy a last minute Fondue or Raclette party set!

Besides cheese there is a plenty of local delicacies that are not to be missed, such as; rye bread, everything that is made from apricots, dried beef meat and sausages. Every Autumn there is a Raclette Festival with local folklore music, gastronomic specialities and village traditions.

4. Endless trails

There is not many places that compare to Verbier, there are 23 enduro single trails, with a total length of 206 km and 7 downhill tracks. You experience everything starting from high alpine thrill, to lower foresty trails surrounded by pine trees all way down to the low pastures in the Bagnes valley. The riding is heavenly: no braking bumps, no queues at the lifts, it seems like a private mountain biking playground.

5. Adventures & Activities

If the mountain biking is not enough there is plenty of other activities to pursue like paragliding, via-ferrata, climbing, scooters, hiking, mountain yoga ... and many more. You can relax on the W Verbier's beach or play volleyball, have a drink or two at one of the south facing bar terraces or have a swim at the lake in the valley.

Not convinced yet? Visit our website and learn more about this magical destination.


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