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Mountain Biking with Children in Verbier

Are you planning your next mountain bike trip with your kids? Then this story is right for you.

At Singletrail Verbier we always start with basics, how to brake correctly, following the trail, what is a bike-ready posture and transferring weight to learn to turn in corners. All of above exercises are mandatory to give mountain biking a go safely. After a half day of learning at the pump track and obstacle park the kids are ready to try out their skills on easy flowy single trails.

Every never-ever's first time is tricky

Usually the first few runs are wobbly and there are many small falls but each fall teaches them to balance and find their flow. After the first uncertainties, you see small grins on their faces, they become more lively and playful which means they're certainly having fun.

Bike Coaching with Singletrail Mountain Bike Coaches

Its best to send children to a bike camp or hire a bike coach, so they are able to learn the basics. Only when they feel safe on the bike, we will take them biking on trails.

You can learn more about the mountain biking levels and our coaching for kids HERE.

Safety first

Besides the bike coaching it is important that children have the right gear. Helmet, knee and elbow protection is mandatory accompanied with a well maintained kids mountain bike. You can learn about right gear HERE. Besides the right gear it is important to check before every ride (and after every fall) that the bikes are adjusted properly, the protectors are fitted, and the helmet is secure.

Beginner trails in Verbier

There is various of trails for beginners. Starting from more complex and steeper fire road variations, to flowy easy singletrails to blues in the bike park. Contact us, to learn more about possibilities and route, tour variations to take with kids.

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