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NEW Blue run in Verbier Bikepark!

Verbier Bikepark just expanded by a new downhill trail in the Savoleyres area in the direction of La Tzoumaz. The trail starts near the La Tzoumaz cable car at 2320 meters and ends at Les Etablons chair lift at 1640 meters. The trail is 4.3 km long with a gradient of 16% which makes it an easy flowy blue trail, the trail features numerous easy table top jumps that are perfect for beginners.

The name of the trail is coming from local dialect, it means sit down reffering to the flowy easy nature of the trail. The first part of the new bike park track was opened this weekend, 14th of July, the whole lenght of trail leading down to La Tzoumaz will be officially launched in 2019.

We will post a GoPro video blog soon!

See you soon,


Photo Credit: Verbier Promotion & Verbier BikePark


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